Minnesota Chippewa Tribe Home Loans
  • To promote the advancement and expansion of affordable homeownership programs to Native American member bands of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe.
  • To provide mortgage financing for the purchase, construction and rehabilitation of single family homes.

Home Loan applicants must be an American Indian enrolled in the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe and must be owner occupied. Applicants must also meet other requirements such as; reasonable credit risk, have a stable employment history, and meet State and HUD credit underwriting guidelines.

Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff

Our staff includes:
Naomi Gullickson, Finance Administrator
Michael Northbird, Loan Officer/Homebuyer Educator
Alyssa Leecy, Homeowner Advocate
Janice Foster, Office Manager/Loan Processor

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

The Minnesota Chippewa Tribe Finance Corporation (MCTFC) has been administering and providing mortgage loan services to low and moderate American Indian borrowers since 1977. The MCTFC has assisted over 2,000 families to improve the quality of their living environment through construction or purchase of suitable housing.

The MCTFC processes housing loans through conventional and HUD Section 184 insured loan program. Down payment assistance programs are sometimes available in local areas.

The MCTFC website provides downloadable information and interactive tools which describe the types of service programs available. In addition, we perform field application intake sessions at various locations on each of the six member reservations. We also provide homebuyer training, assists clients with home inspections and construction counseling.

“What to look for in a House”

There are many good reasons for buying a home providing you are ready for the increased responsibilities that come with homeownership.

Here is a list of things to look for when considering buying a house; Location, Age of Home, Size of Home & Landscaping.

Follow a checklist:
1. Doors 10. Laundry 19. Interior Walls
2. Windows 11. Water Heater 20. Interior Ceilings
3. Foundation 12. Water Supply 21. Interior Floors
4. Steps or Porches 13. Sanitary Sewer 22. Ceiling Insulation
5. Chimney 14. Furnace 23. Wall Insulation
6. Roof 15. Duct-work 24. Storm Doors
7. Exterior Walls 16. Electrical 25. Storm Windows
8. Bathroom 17. Outlets 26. Smoke Detectors
9. Kitchen 18. Fixtures

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